1. Strategic Planning

When you choose to deploy our vCISO, we will provide a clear vision of your current cybersecurity program and create a strategic plan and strategy that is in alignment with your business plan and budget.

2. Consistent Leadership

Most small-medium businesses (SMB) don’t have the budget to support a full-time information security officer. However, they may be in an industry that requires regulatory compliance such as healthcare, financial services or manufacturing. Fortunately, a vCISO offers a creative solution that allows the fractional use of the role and leverages technology to keep costs down

3. Cost Effective Expert Advice

SMBs can significantly benefit from hiring a vCISO because your organization could save an average of 60% from the typical CISO salary compared to a vCISO contract rate with DCFI.

4. Reduces Demand on Current I.T. Support Team

VCISOs work together with an existing it support team and focus on the high-level cybersecurity needs of the organization: security policies, guidelines, compliance standards (ABA Model Rule l .6(c) & HIPAA, NIST, NYDFS, SOX and even the recent GDPR). By removing the burden of cyber compliance, your current it team can focus on their daily support tasks and reduces the problem of being sidetracked.

5. Quick cybersecurity implementation

Your DCFI vCISO will quickly learn your it environment and will use best practices to develop and implement a cyber strategy quickly.

6. Flexible & Scalable

Utilizing our vCISO platform provides every company with the flexibility to deploy sections of a security plan and needed and can grow as the demands of the organization grow. Your vCISO can work on a retainer to start, and we will then migrate to a monthly service level agreement contract that will provide predictable expense budgeting for your CFO.

7. Neutral Expertise

Your vCISO doesn’t play politics; they remain unbiased with no hidden agendas or internal organizational motivations. Our driving force is to protect the cyber environment from attacks, both internal and external, so our approach simple logic- if this, then that. We craft response talking points and protocols that are fair and balanced with only the good of the company in mind.

8. Incident Response & Digital Forensic Skills

Your DCFI vCISO can provide breach and incident response assistance, including digital forensics to support and possible litigation that may arise from a data breach.

9. Business Continuity

When you hire DCFI’s vCISO platform, you are getting not only one CISO but the full backing of discovery computer forensics & investigations as support to your it team. If your organization were to lose a key technology staff member, we could step in as an interim solution offering resiliency to your employee and executive succession plan. This type of business continuity may reduce the regulatory and client concerns and allow your organization to focus on maintaining top level customer support while searching for a replacement instead of scrambling to ‘fill the gap.’