Many companies in the SMB vertical need a chief information security officers (CISOs) as a part of the executive management team, but they may not have the budget. As technology and data moves to the cloud, the integration with a hosted data center and the mobility of modern business tools increase—the need to implement cybersecurity programs has never been higher. CISOs can provide leadership with guidance on overall information security best practices along with adherence to regulatory requirements such as ABA Model Rule l .6(c) & HIPAA, NIST, NYDFS, SOX and even the recent GDPR. At DCFI we understand there is no “one size fits all” in the business world. Information security, big and small, simple and complex, are unique to every company and industry. Because there’s no one model for success, businesses require custom solutions. Many SMBs do not employ a full time CISO, but they may need the services a csio provides. When you select the vCISO platform you get access to high-level information and expertise without the hr load of a full time CISO. Selecting DCFI’s vCISO platform is a way to bring much needed information security expertise to your organization on a flexible and affordable basis.

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